"A work friend recommended Jac to me, as my hair was in dire need of TLC from using supermarket hair dye, so I made my first appointment.

That was about 3 years ago, and I have never been happier with a Hair stylist! Jac nurtured my hair back to health and gave me wonderful advice.

My hard to please Husband, Son and Mother are also always thrilled with Jac's friendly service in her lovely home, and her prices are fantastic!

To top it off, Jac is a gorgeous person who really cares about her clients satisfaction.

I'm so glad we found her, and we simply would not go anywhere else"

Angela Smith

Clifton Hills, Kelmscott


"It can be strange going to someone's home to get your hair done, but not when it's Jacquie!

She has everything you need for great colours and cuts, and she can get special products in for you at your request.

I have short hair that needs to be precisely cut every 4 weeks, and Jacquie strives for perfection each time! I love how she does my Foils!

My kids love  getting their school holiday trims done by her, too!

She's super friendly, well priced, and a great hairdresser."


Wendy Miller

Clifton Hills, Kelmscott


"I have been going to Jac's Colours & Cuts for around 18 months now and I am totally happy with Jac's professionalism and care.

I always come away from there feeling great!

Jac listens to what I want and suggests things that she knows may help.

My hair is so thick, she always knows what I need done.

She has a unique way to make you feel at home and relaxed and the price's are well below what you would pay anywhere else.

She is always willing to work around my time schedule and manages to make it happen, and being a shift worker, that is important to me."

Lorraine Kerr



I would highly recommend Jac's Colours & Cuts as an inviting and comfortable environment to get all your hairdressing needs.

Jacquie has been cutting my family's hair for sometime now and I would personally recommend her services. I feel comfortable and relaxed when I get my hair done, as she goes above and beyond to meet mine and my family's needs.

Awesome work Jac's Colours & Cuts.


Robyn Hoskin

Kelmscott, Clifton Hills


I started going to Jac after a recommendation from a friend, as I was struggling to find a decent hairdresser to cut and style mt thick, wavy hair without making a mess of it.

I haven't looked back, and confidently leave my appointments knowing my hair is cut and styled effortlessly.

Sarah Mulder

Southern River

"It was late one saturday afternoon when I noticed my young daughter had cut her hair into a lovely mullet! I panicked, because where would I get her hair fixed on a Sunday???

I put a post up on a community page on facebook and Jacquie said she could fix it in the morning. It was a SUNDAY!

Sunday morning came and we rocked up at Jacquie's house, greeted with a massive smile and an amazing welcome.

Jacquie was able to fix my daughters hair.

Ever since that day myself and my daughter have only seen Jacquie.

I sit in the chair and Jac says "ok what are we doing today?" I usually reply with "whatever you want!!" Jac is not just an amazing hairdresser but she is a beautiful person, caring, understanding and does it all with a smile on her face. I would recommend Jacquie to everyone!"

Nicci Preston



"Jacquie has been my hairdresser for about 10 years.

I am never disappointed with my cuts, nor colours, and she is amazing with cutting my 2yr and 4 yr old children's hair. She is patient and really cares about what you want, and gives you exactly that.

I have stopped telling her what I want, and tell her whatever she recommends, as she knows exactly what her customers need and want.

I can't recommend her enough and she has a customer for life, with my family."

Linda Willis

Seville Grove


"Jacquie, at Jac's Colours & Cuts, is friendly, professional and attentive.

Jacquie always listens to what I am trying to achieve with my hair and I have been extremely happy with every cut and colour I've had.

The price is fabulous too!"


Mel Broardhurst



Jacquie has been cutting my hair for a number of years now and I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience.

She is always accomodating when I need to change my plan last minute or bring my small children with me.

She makes great recommendations and works with  my ever changing styles and colours.

To top it off she is lovely company and always greets you with a smile and offers a cup of tea.


Peita Bulloch

Kelmscott Hills

"I have only been going to Jacquie for a few months now. I found her as I only live a few houses from her.

Jacquie is very talented in understanding my needs. She won't do something for the sake of doing it. I have at times tested her big  time, not knowing what I want in colour and what will suit my face, also what colour is suitable for work.

Everytime I have left I have been super happy with my colour. I always get so many compliments at work when I get a new colour.

I would definately recommend Jacquie. Her prices are very reasonable. Jacquie has no problem with getting me products to keep my hair looking top condition.

Even with my crazy work schedule, I'm always able to get an appointment last minute or even change last minute with my work roster."


Debbie Wilson

Kelmscott, Clifton Hills